On September 18-19, 2015, we met for our annual Fall Retreat with our new group of singers. We have greatly enjoyed learning from our new conductor, Dr. Andrew Crane. Dr. Crane always brings a good spirit to rehearsal. He is cheerful, hard-working, and incredibly knowledgeable about good vocal production and choral technique. We are becoming better singers and a better choir under his direction.

We met on Friday, September 18 for a delicious dinner catered by Rumbi Island Grill. After dinner, we rehearsed a few pieces from our repertoire, “Gaude et laetare,” “Spirits,” and “Certn’ly, Lord.” “Gaude et Laetare” is a Renaissance spiritual about rejoicing and praising Christ. “Spirits” is an original composition by Ryan Murphy that is set to a poem by the same name, written by Robert Seymour Bridges. “Certn’ly, Lord” is a rousing African-American spiritual featuring tenor and baritone soloists and a rocking piano accompaniment. Following our rehearsal we played get-to-know-you games and had sectional rehearsals with Dr. Crane. We enjoyed getting to know each other better and improving our sound as a choir.

On Saturday, we met at “The Barn” in Mapleton, UT for a pancake breakfast, generously provided by the Thueson family, who are BYU choir alumni. The Barn is located in a beautiful part of Utah Valley, right next to a pond with a clear view of the mountains. We spent a great deal of the morning rehearsing our repertoire in preparation for our first concert on September 25. At the end of the retreat, we went up to the loft in the Barn and performed “Spirits.” We love this song and the beautiful message that it contains. This was a great way to finish out a wonderful weekend of music-making and choir bonding. Here are some pictures from our Fall 2015 retreat:


Photo Credit: Nick Ritter, Nixart LLC