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Sunday, May 27 Cape Town – Tuesday, May 29 Home!

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Sunday, May 27 Cape Town The choir attended three different wards or branches in the morning. Two of the branches were in townships, and those of us there were thrilled with the Spirit evident, and the warmth of the members. Hugs and handshakes from the members were the order of the day. And the singing!

Saturday, May 26 Cape Town

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Our final day to sightsee had arrived. We spent the morning on a 45 minute boat ride each way to and from Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated 19 of his 26 (I think) years in prison. A former political prisoner who was held there was our guide, and he emphasized the horrible conditions

Friday, May 25 Cape Town

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Friday, May 25 Cape Town The choir enjoyed their night off at the hotel in preparation for the final concerts. We began the day with a beautiful drive to a short boat ride at Haut Bay to enjoy the island of rocks that was absolutely covered with seals. They slept and frolicked and everyone was

Link for Wednesday, May 23 fixed

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If you were having trouble getting to the post for May 23, it’s been fixed now. Thanks to Matt Milner for giving me the heads up that it wasn’t working.

Thursday, May 24 Cape Town

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The hour drive from Hermanus to Stellenbosch was gorgeous. Wish the bus had stopped about every 100 yards for a photo op. Instead, we arrived on schedule and split up to shop or visit museums or enjoy simply walking around. There has been precious little exercise on this tour. The market was a good place

Wednesday, May 23 Hermanus

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Breakfast at 9 AM and a 10 AM departure. Sheer luxury. Some were warm last night, most were not. This area just doesn’t get this cold very often (snow on their mountains as we are driving by!) and they don’t have heaters to compensate. At least the rain has stopped and we have mostly blue

Tuesday, May 22 George

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Just as we thought we couldn’t be wetter or colder, today came. Many of us wore just about all the clothes we brought, and huddled on the bus. Having the bus tip over in the winds might have been a worry had not so much Cadbury chocolate been consumed over the last two weeks—that helped

Monday, May 21 Port Elizabeth

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By the time we met at the Haven Hills Chapel this morning, last night’s wind had turned into this morning’s gale. Were we really complaining about the heat just a few days ago? Silly, silly choir. Today’s kind of cold is seen around these parts every 25 years, with gale force winds that just about

Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20

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Saturday, May 19 en route to East London Another very, very early day to make our flight to Johannesburg. We had to fly there to fly to East London, as that was where there was a plane large enough for our group and luggage. South African Airlines still serves meals on hour-long and 90-minute flights,

Friday, May 18

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Friday, May 18 Durban We had an hour for some good shopping in a Durban mall of sorts—shops of all kinds, both for tourists and locals. Just about everyone found something to make them or someone at home happy, and we pulled away in time to arrive at the Campbell House for our reception/lunch with