We’re excited to announce a new video that we released on October 16 of one of our pieces, “Flight Song,” by Kim Andre Arnesen. We have loved learning and singing this beautiful piece of music and it has become one of our favorites! The melodies are flowing and graceful, and the song is set to an amazing text by poet Euan Tait. The text embodies so much of what we believe and value as BYU Singers – that music helps us to communicate the full range of our deepest feelings, whether it be joy, exhilaration, and love, or pain, sadness, and discouragement. These emotions that we experience become our “Flight Song,” and that song helps us to fly and rise above the trials and tribulations that we face in our lives. This song also helps us to connect and share love and encouragement with others around us, so that they may fly together with us. We hope that the powerful melodies and messages of this piece will bring healing, light, love, and comfort to your soul. Please enjoy this video and share it with your friends and family!



All we are we have found in song:

you have drawn this song from us.

Songs of lives unfolding fly overhead, cry overhead;

longing, rising from the song within.

Moving like the rise and fall of wings,

hands that shape our calling voice

on the edge of answers you’ve head our cry, you’ve known our cry:

music’s fierce compassion flows from you.

The night is restless with the sounds we hear,

is broken, shaken by the cries of pain:

for this is music’s inner voice

yes, we hear you, all you who cry aloud,

and we will fly, answering you,

so our lives sing, we will fly, wild in spirt we will fly.

like a feather falling from the wing,

fragile as a human voice,

afraid, uncertain, alive to love,

We sing as love,

afraid, uncertain, yet our flight begins as song.

-Euan Tait