May 13: Jinhua

You might be surprised at how quickly 55 people and their suitcases, garment bags, carry-ons, instruments and other stage equipment can get on and off trains! Read more

May 12: Hangzhou

There are a few established truths on tours: the best hotels are the shortest stays; Read more

May 11: Xi’an

Today has been a great day! I have wanted to see the Xi’an terracotta warriors for years, and this was finally the day! They did not disappoint, and were well worth the fight through rush hour traffic to reach them this morning. On top of that, it was a perfect sunny, 70-ish degree day. Because tomorrow is an early flight and we must meet in the lobby at 6 am, I will let the photos and their captions mostly tell our day’s adventures. Read more

May 10: Xi’an

It was a beautiful Sabbath morning, and we all thought of our mothers from our 1/2 day head-start. Read more

May 9: Xi’an

Train ride #2 today. We’re getting to be quite good at this, though we were momentarily disconcerted Read more

May 8: Kaifeng

This has been quite the day! We began with a welcome ceremony at the “old”­ campus of the Henan Art College (we are staying in a hotel on the newer campus). It was delightful to watch (and hear!) their response to seeing Dr. Staheli walk in; he went up the aisle and greeted many of the choir members, who loved having their hand shaken. This was much more a homecoming than a new city. Read more

May 7: Kaifeng

It’s halfway through tour, though that’s hard to believe. We have arrived at our newest city, which we reached via a 70 minute (very turbulent!) flight followed by a 90 minute bus ride. I think this is our smallest city–5 milion inhabitants, which is still twice the population of Utah! Read more

May 6: Jinan

You know how it feels when you get down to breakfast and all the watermelon has been eaten? Read more

May 5: Jinan

We covered a lot of ground today, but most of it was by high-speed train. Read more

Video Report About BYU Singers’ China Tour

The April 30 edition of the Chinese program Culture Express opened with a few minutes of coverage of BYU Singers and their Beijing concerts, as well as a bit about BYU touring groups in China generally.