May 8: Kaifeng

This has been quite the day! We began with a welcome ceremony at the “old”­ campus of the Henan Art College (we are staying in a hotel on the newer campus). It was delightful to watch (and hear!) their response to seeing Dr. Staheli walk in; he went up the aisle and greeted many of the choir members, who loved having their hands shaken. This was much more a homecoming than a new city. Read more

May 7: Kaifeng

It’s halfway through tour, though that’s hard to believe. We have arrived at our newest city, which we reached via a 70 minute (very turbulent!) flight followed by a 90 minute bus ride. I think this is our smallest city–5 milion inhabitants, which is still twice the population of Utah! Read more

May 6: Jinan

You know how it feels when you get down to breakfast and all the watermelon has been eaten? Read more

May 5: Jinan

We covered a lot of ground today, but most of it was by high-speed train. Read more

Video Report About BYU Singers’ China Tour

The April 30 edition of the Chinese program Culture Express opened with a few minutes of coverage of BYU Singers and their Beijing concerts, as well as a bit about BYU touring groups in China generally.

May 4: Tianjin

We awoke to the clearest, bluest skies we’ve seen since Utah. Read more

May 3: Tianjin

We were up and at it very early this morning in order to be checked out of the hotel, breakfasted, and on the bus by 7:45 am. Read more

May 2: Beijing

There is nothing like a morning at the Great Wall to really feel that you are in China. Read more

May 1: Beijing

Today was one of those days where the itinerary was derailed by the realities of circumstance and weather. Read more

April 30: Beijing

This morning began with a real treat as we were able to spend some time at the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Read more