After a busy and rewarding year of making music in Provo, the choir has just sung their last concert on the de Jong Concert Hall stage. Several of the Singers graduated yesterday, and all of the choir finished finals in the last few days.Despite how hectic the last few weeks have been, they have still managed to learn some additional repertoire just for this tour–and most have even packed their suitcases! With both concert and touring clothes packed, the Singers wore whatever was left outside the suitcase that looked good for this concert. The bright colors suited this beautiful warm weather we enjoyed here today. We’re not sure how much sun we’re going to be seeing for the next three weeks…but we’ll love England no matter how soggy we may get.

We had a cheering, enthusiastic audience of family, friends, and fans of the choir who filled the main floor of the concert hall – what a great send-off to tour. In return, the choir gave a fine concert that served to preview some literature they hadn’t performed until tonight. And now everyone is home, looking around to see what has been overlooked that can still be fit into their suitcases, and eagerly counting the hours until we board the bus tomorrow afternoon for the first leg of our flights to London. Waiting for Santa to come has nothing on the final day before leaving on a tour! Next stop, London! (OK, Minneapolis. But that’s headed in the right direction!) Check back for the next post Monday night in London – Tuesday morning for the USA. (Comments now enabled – thanks, Shane!)