The Pilgrim’s Journey Home

A Collection of Inspirational Folk Hymns and Songs

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Each of us has cherished memories of home; as we continue in life, we seek places and situations that bring the same feelings of comfort, strength and reassurance. This CD contains music that reflects our journey towards that sense of home, and the support we give others in their own pilgrimages.

In this collection of inspirational folk hymns and songs, the BYU Singers, Concert Choir, Women’s Chorus and Men’s Chorus join with the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra in beautiful performances of inspiring music. This CD includes several songs not heard on the TV broadcasts.

Click on any title to hear a 30-second sound clip

1. Pilgrim Song

Traditional; arr. Ryan Murphy

2. Lead, Kindly Light

Words by John Henry Newman; music by John B. Dykes; arr. Mack Wilberg

3. Homeward Bound

Marta Keen; arr. Jay Althouse

4. Pilgrim’s Chorus, from Tannhäuser

Richard Wagner

5. Saints Bound for Heaven

American folk hymn; arr. Howard Helvey

6. The Promised Land

Words by Samuel Stennett; music by Daniel McDavitt

7. Ain’t That News

Traditional spiritual; arr. Stephen Hatfield

8. Have I Done Any Good?

Will L. Thompson; arr. David Zabriskie

9. Goin’ Home

Words by William Arms Fisher; music by Antonín Dvorák; arr. Rosalind Hall

10. Pilgrims on a Journey

Words adapted from Richard Gillard’s hymn “The Servant Song”; music by Jared Oaks

11. Whither Goest Thou, Pilgrim Stranger?

Words: Anonymous; tune: Warrenton, Sacred Harp; arr. Ronald Staheli

12. Shenandoah

Traditional; arr. Carmen Dragon

13. Hallelujah

Words by Charles Wesley; music by William Walker; arr. Jean Applonie

14. My Little Mountain Home

Original title: “My Little Welsh Home”

W. S. Gwynn Williams; arr. Daniel McDavitt

15. When Johnny Comes Marching Home* / Keep the Home Fires Burning**

Arr. David Zabriskie; *words by Patrick Gilmore (1st verse) and Michael Hicks (2nd verse); music: traditional; **words by Lena Ford; music by Ivor Novello

16. I Feel Like I’m on My Journey Home

American spiritual; arr. Ronald Staheli

17. Come, Come Ye Saints

Words by William Clayton; music: English folk song; arr. Leroy J. Robertson