We Sing of Christ

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At the center of spiritual meditation there is a place where only simplicity and quiet reflection can exist; We Sing of Christ was performed and captured in that element. The BYU Singers are a small, close-knit ensemble of BYU’s finest auditioned vocalists led by Ronald Staheli. They offer here a splendid collection of sacred LDS and traditional hymns centered around Christ and named appropriately We Sing of Christ…the Songs of Zion.

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More Holiness Give Me
Bliss/R. Staheli

Come, We That Love the Lord
Williams/R. Staheli

Carthage: June 27, 1844
R. Staheli

A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief
Coles/R. Manookin

The Wintry Day Descending to Its Close

The Morning Breaks
Careless/R. Staheli

Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee
Dykes/R. Staheli

How Great Thou Art
Swedish folk melody/R. Staheli

Awake, Ye Saints of God, Awake
Stephens/R. Staheli

If You Could Hie to Kolob
English Melody/R. Staheli

This Is the Christ

How Can I Keep from Singing?
American Folk Hymn/R. Staheli

The Promised Land
American Folk Hymn/R. Staheli

Peace Like a River
American Folk Hymn/R. Staheli

Come, Come Ye Saints
English folk song/R. Staheli

I Stand All Amazed
Gabriel/R. Staheli

Come Unto Him