The Singers are currently in Liepāja, Latvia. Today we had free time to explore the city, including places like the Cathedral of St. John.

St. John’s Cathedral

Interior of St. John’s Cathedral

Largest and oldest mechanical organ in the world.

There is a popular “Musical walk” around the city which passes by famous attractions and artwork.

Follow the notes for the musical walk

Street scene

Street scene on walk

Street scene

Mural viewed on walk

Another mural on the walk

Scene seen on musical walk

There are many very nice sculptures along the street. Next to each sculpture a stanza of a nostalgic Latvian song is written. Each stanza begins -“City where wind is born”.
Some of the choir visited The House of Craftsmen, where they watched some interesting crafts created by talented artists.
There are beautiful churches and cathedrals on every block, seemingly. This gives you a small idea of them. And no day on tour is complete without ice cream and/or pastries. That is decreed.
After the free day, we all went to the church building for dinner. We got ready, had a prayer and devotional as usual, and performed a short concert for some members and others! Our energy level was a little bit low, but we tried to have fun and had a nice evening.


After the concert the choir had the chance to talk with audience members: left, CJ Madsen; right, Courtney Lawson.
Right now a lot of us are watching a movie called Jojo Rabbit in the hotel. (By the way, it is a VERY nice hotel.)
[Thanks to Blake Charlton for most of the text and many of the photos; this is his last day as our Blog Liaison. Thanks also to Kayla Rane, Sam Speers, Stacey Christensen, and Mike Carson for their photos and commentary on their day that I surreptitiously borrowed for this blog. Don’t tell anyone.]