We won the Grand Prix!! We were pleasantly surprised to also win all three categories we entered. But ultimately, we had a grand time sharing our gifts and learning from the friends we made. It was a truly enriching experience that I think we’ll all remember for a long time.

Prizes won:
1st place in Folk Music, Sacred Music, and Mixed Choir categories
Special Prize for Best Performance of a Contemporary Piece
Special Prize for the compulsory piece all the choirs were asked to perform
Grand Prix Prize

Video of the Grand Prix competition—BYU enters at 21:19

Pseaume 48, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
Alleluia, Augusta Read Thomas
Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, Eric Whitacre

This is the video of the complete awards session—BYU Singers sang at 44:22

Sanctus,Vaclovas Augustinas
Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, Eric Whitacre
Agnus Dei, Ernesto Herrera
Borracho No Vale, Ernesto Herrera


First award plaque—you can see the Amber Award and the Grand Prix Award on the table in front.

By now Courtney Lawson, choir president, has joined Dr. Crane on stage to help hold all the awards and bouquets of flowers.

Grand Prix Award

Amber Award


The best part of the whole day may have been watching Dr. Crane try to hold all the awards and flowers until Courtney and Jaycee came to save him. They were all so kind to us, and we were asked to sing our best pieces for them at the end of the awards ceremony. We finished the evening with a pool party, where Dr. Crane graced us with his presence and and joined the frivolities!

We look forward to our last stop on the tour and hope we have the energy for one more concert!