[Editor’s note: This was received in pieces through the night, and is being posted soon after the choir boarded their flight in Amsterdam for their long flight back to Salt Lake City. They had a wonderful tour that they will always remember. Bravo to Nicole, Blake, and Rachel for their extra work at the end of long days to collect photos and write the blog! This last blog post has many photos without explanation given, so just enjoy!]

We had a fantastic last day in the Baltics. Vilnius had beautiful sites to see and excellent food. We enjoyed the city for most of the day before getting ready for our last concert with the Sonoros choir.

We sang at the Saint Catherine’s cathedral, a decommissioned church that is under renovation to become a concert hall. It was still beautiful despite its mid-construction state. We had a full house, which was a great note to end on if you’ll pardon the pun.

Rehearsal with Sonoros pre-concert

Audience during concert

Final concert—BYU Singers with Sonoros

Interior of St. Catherine’s

Our three graduate students

There were many tears shed, both happy and sad. For many, this was it! But I think I speak for everyone when I say our hearts were overflowing with a deep sense of gratitude—grateful for our director, our beautiful university, and of course, for choir and music. They have given us so much. We can only hope to pay it forward one day.

Thank you to the Baltics for treating us so well! Now for the long flight home!