After traveling 3+ hours on the bus AFTER the concert to reach Portland, the choir was given a little extra time to sleep and relax before jumping into the day. This was very much needed and appreciated!

The official day began with some time with the senior missionaries who head up the local Just Serve effort. The choir joined in making posters and cards to welcome recent arrivals to the USA. Below are photos of the experience.

After a lunch where everyone scattered to find their favorite food–or to lunch with family or friends who were in Portland–we all gathered at the First United Congregational Church to meet the Portland Choir and Orchestra (sans the orchestra.) The choirs had a good rehearsal of the combined piece that would end the concert, then we ate together and had a chance to make some new friends.

If you would like to see the concert program, click on this link. The BYU Singers program is about the fourth one down, so don’t give up if you think I’ve given you the wrong link:

Once a BYU Singer, always a BYU Singer. We had alumni at 4 out of 5 concerts, and it was so good to see them all. Last night was probably the largest contingent, so I’m including a photo of the ones who stayed around long enough to pose. I think 3 or 4 are missing. Please consider this representative of all the alumni who attended concerts–BYU Singers and several other choirs, both past and present. We just didn’t think ahead for photos.

BYU Singers Alumni at concert

The concert was a fitting finish to a truly impressive year of BYU Singers. We are sad to be saying goodbye to many Singers who have graduated or cannot return for other reasons. They truly will be missed.

I will let the photos speak for the concert. Thanks for following us on the blog!