Today began with…a bus ride! We left for Spokane at a very civilized hour, after spending the night in the same city as our concert! That’s the only time that will happen on this tour. But any inconvenience of tour is more than made up for with the great company on the bus, and the glorious singing every night.

Once we arrived in Spokane, we were dropped at a place where there were many places to eat. We scattered, ate, and gathered again to drive to the Gonzaga University campus. The Myrtle Woldson Performing Arts Center is new and beautiful–the grounds were full of students enjoying the perfect spring weather.

After meeting Dr. Meg Stohlmann, who conducts the choirs at the university, we had a quick tour of the building and then went back outside for a couple of group shots. Dr. Stohlmann and her students have been very welcoming and gracious to us.


Outside the performing arts center.



With the performing arts center in the background. 

After a little free time (many Singers listened to a rehearsal) we then had the opportunity to meet the Concert Choir, with whom Singers rehearsed two pieces for the performance in the evening.

Making new friends.

Drs. Crane and Stohlmann introduce the concert.

Gonzaga Concert Choir

Women of BYU Singers


Men of BYU Singers


Performing a joyous Victoria motet in the beautiful hall.


Quintet who begins “When You Wish upon a Star.”

“The Place Where Lost Things Go”

Responding to the audience ovation after Singers’ portion of the concert.

After BYU Singers concluded, both choir combined to sing two numbers. The audience responded very enthusiastically to the choirs individually and together; it was a beautiful evening. And there were new friendships that came out of our time together.

The two choirs combined for the final numbers.