After a great night’s sleep for the choir, we were off and busing to our next city. It was a later start since we had traveled after the concert the night before–a choice that seemed better in the morning than it did when we arrived at the hotel late the night before!

Kennewick was ready for us, and we quickly moved into their auditorium where Dr. Crane and some choir members taught some vocal concepts and then rehearsed the joint pieces to be performed that evening.

Learning some vocal concepts

Singers interspersed with the high school students.

We then had a tasty dinner provided by Great Harvest, and the choir donned their concert apparel.


In performance.





Alex Keogh’s version of the traditional introduction of Singers by asking a show of hands for “how many Singers are music majors, are married, speak languages, have children, etc.” This is always well received by the audience.

A standing ovation at the end of the Singers’ part of the concert.

BYU Singers performing with Kennewick HS and other schools in the district.

After meeting and greeting as many students and audience members as possible, the choir loaded the bus and drove to a fairly close hotel, which made for a good night’s rest. All told, a great second day of tour. We appreciate all the work by the local sponsors who make our concerts possible!