And a cheery hello from a soggy Bristol! We’ve had a wonderful Sabbath here, though I hear Bristol got a month’s worth of rain today. Somehow I believe that. We were split between several different congregations today, but I can attest to the quality of the meetings we 10 attended. I hear there were great meetings, wonderful food and conversation with hosts (that lovely extra day here!) and some equally wonderful naps. We gathered again at 5:30 for a nice supper at the stake center, then prepared for the fireside that started at 7. This was the first of only two firesides this tour, and they are some of the best nights of tour. It’s great to hear various choir members speak of their feelings about the fireside music, and get insights into the speakers as well as the pieces. Six pieces were performed, and then an encore at the request of Pres. Turley, who very much wanted the semi-official national anthem of England, “Jerusalem.” I’ll have to put the text soon so you’ll understand a bit of why it is so loved here. Referring to the Houkom “The Rune of Hospitality,” he said, “After this weekend, we are no more strangers, but friends.” I know that is how we all feel.

With no concert and no touring around today, there are not so many fun photos to post – but I didn’t want any disappointed family, spouses, fiances, etc. to find no new blog when you looked. So below are some “group and smile” photos and one while they were rehearsing for the fireside. I grabbed everyone in grabbing distance, and apologize if your particular favorite is not there – or if the photo is not perfect. We were working fast! I’ll try again soon.