On January 11 & 12, BYU Singers recorded several pieces for a new Eric Whitacre CD. BYU Concert Choir joined in “Her Sacred Spirit Soars,” a composition for double choir. The recording sessions were in BYU’s Museum of Art, which has wonderful acoustics. All lights were turned down to avoid all possible noise–hence the dark photos. The choirs were thrilled to have Eric with them for the recording sessions, both to hear his input on interpretation and to experience his delight at their performances of his pieces. The recording will be available for download on iTunes sometime in the spring or early summer, or as a CD on this website. (NEW) The new Whitacre CD will be available sometime in September on this website only, and will be available (we are told) on iTunes in the future.

Eric with Video Camera
Eric Whitacre documented the recording sessions for himself.

Singers and Concert Choir
BYU Singers and Concert Choir recording “Her Sacred Spirit Soars.”

Singers recording

Eric Listening
Eric Whitacre listens while Dr. Staheli conducts BYU Singers.

Eric Listening
Ronald Staheli (director of BYU Singers), Eric Whitacre and Rosalind Hall (director of BYU Concert Choir)

(Thanks to Sandefur Schmidt for the photos!)