Friday, May 18 Durban

We had an hour for some good shopping in a Durban mall of sorts—shops of all kinds, both for tourists and locals. Just about everyone found something to make them or someone at home happy, and we pulled away in time to arrive at the Campbell House for our reception/lunch with the University of KwaZuluNatal Choir. This is a private home built (if I remember correctly) over a hundred years ago, and was subsequently donated to the university. The grounds are spacious and beautiful, with a view through the trees to the ocean beyond.

View of the ocean from Campbell House

Two choirs at Campbell House

The Durban City Hall is beautiful; modeled on an Irish City Hall, it is spacious and quite elegant. Only the main hall is air conditioned—at least of the rooms we were in, and it was quite a warm day—but the choir survived the needed rehearsal and moved into the main hall to rehearse two joint numbers with the choir from the university. The concert was spectacular. About 1500 people were there, and they were very enthusiastic and appreciative.

Durban City Hall

Singers with the KwaZuluNatal Choir