The hour drive from Hermanus to Stellenbosch was gorgeous. Wish the bus had stopped about every 100 yards for a photo op. Instead, we arrived on schedule and split up to shop or visit museums or enjoy simply walking around. There has been precious little exercise on this tour. The market was a good place to wander around and haggle, and those who went elsewhere had a good morning. Then lunch, and back on the bus to travel to Cape Town.

As we were wending our way up the mountain, we watched the clouds gather over Table Mountain. You could almost predict this would happen. They cleared almost as soon as we left. Nevertheless, the views we had are almost indescribable. Cape Town is truly one of the prettiest cities in the world. I’ll let the photos tell what I cannot—as always, more await any of you in Provo or with the choir members when they return home. Digital cameras mean the 51 of us are shooting hundreds of photos every day!

No concert tonight, then the final push with concerts Friday and Saturday, and our last fireside Sunday. This tour has gone by very quickly, and has been a wonderful one. I’ll try to post one more time before our Long Trip Home, but make no guarantees. Some nights end too late to really be coherent, let alone edit photos of the day—and that’s when there’s Internet available. Final photos will be posted from Provo, if not before.

Drive to Table Mountain in Cape Town

Singers awaiting the tram ride to the top

Tram ride looking at Cape Town

Some Singers on top

A View of Cape Town