The Durban Berea chapel is officially the furthest in the world from Salt Lake City. And here we are. We spent several hours this morning at the PheZulu Village, which kind of resembles the Polynesian Cultural Center with its performance and huts to see and the gift shop and restaurant–though on a much smaller scale. The views from the village are absolutely spectacular. The performance was fun, and then the choir sang for the Zulu performers. I think the photo shows their reaction, which was very fun to watch.

We then moved onto seeing their crocodile farm (the oldest croc was 102 and counting, with his mate a young 60) and their snakes. Many took the chance to wrap a python around their body, though I don’t see much charm in doing that!

Zulu performers

Singers performing for the Zulus

Zulus reacting to Singers performing

The view from PheZulu village

Wrangling a python!

After lunch, Dr. S. gave a masterclass in conducting to some area teachers at the University of KwaZuluNtal, using the choir as a demonstration group. The participants were obviously very knowledgeable, and asked cogent and intelligent questions; this made the session valuable to all. Then back to the chapel for dinner. We walked into the cultural hall that had three long tables beautifully decorated with a South African theme, and delicious food. The hosts all along tour have been very generous and kind to us.

The fireside was given to a packed chapel and beyond, and the congregation was very receptive. We hope this fireside first will help add numbers to tomorrow night’s audience. As always, a wonderful evening after a full and rewarding day. I hope the photos give you all a flavor of it all.

Durban Berea Chapel

Two star performers!