New Video - "The Wings of the Wind" - December 13, 2015
New Video - "Flight Song" - October 16, 2015
Home Concert, BYU de Jong Concert Hall
March 2015
BYU Singers 30th Anniversary Reunion Concert
March 2015

Great Wall of China
May 2015

Tianjin, China
May 2015

BYU Singers in St. Paul's Cathedral, London

May 2012

BYU Singers in Souttzer Hall, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, Wales

May 2012 (recorded by the BBC for later broadcast)

May 2009


The Wings of the Wind Video


At our November 2015 concert, we were honored and privileged to be the first American choir to perform a fantastic new composition by British composer Owain Park entitled “The Wings of the Wind.” From the very beginnings of rehearsing the piece to performing it on stage, it was an exhilarating experience for us. The song is challenging, featuring complex rhythms and meters and dissonant harmonies. We were captured by the spirit and imagination of this work that speaks of the glory, power, and majesty of God. The text is a compilation of verses from the Book of Psalms, all of which paint a picture of God’s nature and character. In December 2015, we recorded and released a video of “The Wings of the Wind.” We would like to share this video with you and invite you to experience Owain Park’s imaginative sounds of God’s wonder and might.




He came flying upon the wings of the wind,
His pavilion round about him,
with dark water and thick clouds to cover him.
He brought forth clouds from the ends of the world:
and sent forth lightnings with the rain.

The Lord also thunder’d out of heav’n,
and the Highest gave his thunder,
The Lord thunder’d,
gave hailstones, and coals of fire.

For I will consider thy heavens,
even the works of thy fingers:
the moon and the stars which thou hast ordain’d.

All mine enemies whisper together against me:
even against me do they imagine this evil.
My heart panteth,
my strength hath fail’d me:
and the sight of mine eyes is gone from me.

Yea, even like as a dream when one awaketh,
Truth shall flourish out of the earth
and righteousness hath look’d down from heav’n.
Therefore my heart danceth for joy,
and in my song will I praise him.

–Book of Psalms


Flight Song Video


We’re excited to announce a new video that we released on October 16 of one of our pieces, “Flight Song,” by Kim André Arnesen. We have loved learning and singing this beautiful piece of music and it has become one of our favorites! The melodies are flowing and graceful, and the song is set to an amazing text by poet Euan Tait. The text embodies so much of what we believe and value as BYU Singers – that music helps us to communicate the full range of our deepest feelings, whether it be joy, exhilaration, and love, or pain, sadness, and discouragement. These emotions that we experience become our “Flight Song,” and that song helps us to fly and rise above the trials and tribulations that we face in our lives. This song also helps us to connect and share love and encouragement with others around us, so that they may fly together with us. We hope that the powerful melodies and messages of this piece will bring healing, light, love, and comfort to your soul. Please enjoy this video and share it with your friends and family!



All we are we have found in song:
you have drawn this song from us.
Songs of lives unfolding fly overhead, cry overhead;
longing, rising from the song within.

Moving like the rise and fall of wings,
hands that shape our calling voice
on the edge of answers you’ve heard our cry,
you’ve known our cry:
music’s fierce compassion flows from you.

The night is restless with the sounds we hear,
is broken, shaken by the cries of pain:
for this is music’s inner voice

yes, we hear you, all you who cry aloud,
and we will fly, answering you,
so our lives sing, we will fly, wild in spirit we will fly.

like a feather falling from the wing,
fragile as a human voice,
afraid, uncertain, alive to love,
We sing as love,
afraid, uncertain, yet our flight begins as song.

-Euan Tait


About the BYU Singers

The Brigham Young University Singers is an exciting choir with impressive voices and a wide range of styles. Now conducted by Dr. Andrew Crane, the group performs pieces from nearly every musical genre as well as many original works written or arranged for the choir. Known as “one of the country’s finest choirs,” BYU Singers celebrated their 30th anniversary this past year with a gala reunion concert in March 2015. The choir also had a very successful tour to China in May 2015.

BYU Singers have performed in some of the most prestigious concert halls in the world, including Carnegie Hall in New York City, the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., the Sydney Opera House and Town Hall, the Kapella in St. Petersburg, the Musikverein in Vienna, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. They have traveled throughout the United States and to 27 countries including Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, Egypt, Australia, Ghana, Ireland and China. The choir was the United States representative at the Fourth World Choral Symposium in 1996, performed at the inaugural conference of the National Collegiate Choral Organization in 2006, and participated in the 2009 Cork International Choral Festival. BYU Singers have performed numerous times at both National and Regional Conferences of the American Choral Directors Association since 1985.

The choir consists of 45 students pursuing a variety of graduate and undergraduate degrees in such areas as physical science, law, accounting, social science, visual arts, and music. The group originates in the School of Music of the College of Fine Arts & Communications at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. BYU is one of the nation’s largest private universities with an enrollment of more than 30,000 students from all parts of the United States and 120 foreign countries.


Andrew Crane, conductor

ACrane_2014_24Andrew Crane was named Associate Professor of Choral Conducting and conductor of the Brigham Young University Singers in 2015. Previous to this appointment, he served for four years as Director of Choral Activities at East Carolina University, and six years in the same position at California State University, San Bernardino. He is also the former choral director at Provo High School.

Choirs under his direction have appeared by invitation at multiple conferences of the American Choral Directors Association and National Association for Music Education; and have won top prizes in international competitions. In 2015, he led the East Carolina University Chamber Singers to a first place finish in the 13th Maribor (Slovenia) International Choral Competition Gallus, the only American choir to win in the history of the contest.

Additionally, Dr. Crane enjoys a career as a professional solo and ensemble tenor, having appeared with such groups as the Los Angeles Bach Festival, Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Yale Choral Artists, Vox Humana, Spire Chamber Ensemble, Tennessee Chamber Chorus, Lansing Symphony Orchestra, North Carolina Master Chorale, Carnegie Hall Festival Chorus, and others.

Dr. Crane is active as a conductor of honor choirs, clinician, guest lecturer, and accompanist. Additionally, he serves as editor of the Andrew Crane Choral Series through Walton Music. His degrees include the BM in Music Education and MM in Choral Conducting from Brigham Young University, and the Doctor of Musical Arts from Michigan State University. Dr. Crane resides in Utah County with his wife Casandria, also a BYU alumna, and their four children.


Fall concert: Tuesday, November 17

“Journey to Light” with BYU Singers & Concert Choir

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