Day Three of our tour, and it dawned absolutely gorgeous. Such a deep blue sky! We spent several hours at the Denver LDS temple (in Centennial, actually) either in the temple or enjoying the beautiful grounds and warming weather. I’ll let the photos tell the story.


BYU Singers in front of Denver Temple


The long and the short of it

Our very own piano tuner (and tenor)

Lunching in the sunshine

A beautiful day, a beautiful building

We then drove to Loveland, where the choir had an open rehearsal while the choirs of Loveland and Thompson Valley High Schools observed and learned. The three choirs performed for each other, and exchanged compliments, ideas and tips for improvement. Then came a joint rehearsal for the evening’s closing number–very impressive with all the voices and the brass ensemble & percussion.

Then a quick dinner that continued our “P” dinners: we added pasta to the heretofore-eaten pancakes and pizza.

The concert was a good one. Notice the red hue on stage; I think that while the lights were warm, the slightly sunburned Singers also gave off a reddish glow.


Price Civic Auditorium, Loveland, Colorado

"Jinny, Git Around"

"Dinah's in the Kitchen"

BYU Singers with Loveland & Thompson Valley HS choirs

Tomorrow starts very early, so I’ll bid you goodnight on behalf of the choir, who are home with their hosts and (we hope!) headed to bed soon. We have the luxury of staying with the same host families two nights in a row this time; we’ll feel like part of their families after such a lengthy stay!