We began at 7:30AM this morning by boarding our buses and driving to Ha Long Bay where we will spend tonight and tomorrow morning on a cruise ship. We stopped about halfway to our destination for a pit stop at a market close to the highway. Here, we were able to buy some snacks and a few members of the choir took this opportunity to purchase souvenirs as well. We then drove two more hours until we arrived in the beautiful Ha Long Bay.

A pit stop in a market halfway to our destination

We took a small boat over to the cruise ship, the Huong Hai Sealife. Everyone was completely blown away when we boarded the ship; it is more like a hotel than a boat! The dining room where we first met to go over some safety features was absolutely beautiful. After taking our belongings to our respective rooms, we then came together for a delicious lunch.

Arriving on our cruise ship, the Huong Hai Sealife

The dining room of the ship

Enjoying a delicious lunch on board

Our view of Ha Long Bay from the ship

We began our time on the ship by riding out to a small floating fishing village where some of the natives took us on a ride through their village on small fishing boats. After we returned, we had some time to relax on the sun deck of the ship before heading to a new location where some members of the choir went kayaking around the ship. Immediately afterwards, we were given a demonstration on making spring rolls in Vietnam, after which each of us were able to make our own spring roll.

Taking a boat ride through the floating fishing village

The natural features of Ha Long Bay

A beautiful view of the sunset

Learning to make Vietnamese spring rolls

To end the day, we had a delicious dinner which the crew on board began with a choreographed dance routine. The crew has been wonderful in helping us with all our needs on board, and we’re looking forward to spending tomorrow morning with them as well! Dinner was the beginning of a very entertaining night filled with stand-up comedy and karaoke provided by members of the choir. This was a much-needed day of relaxation and beauty.

A dance routine by the crew on board to begin a very entertaining evening