Today began in Colorado Spring on a bright, blue day. We had another chance to see this beautiful chapel in the daytime, and could actually see the mountains surrounding this unique city as we drove out of town.


Colorado Springs North Stake Center

Leaving Colorado Springs (from the bus)

We began our 3 hour ride through some very pretty country, going from early spring to real winter and ending in early spring…very early spring.


Snowy pass

On the road to Alamosa

Entering Alamosa

We continued through Alamosa to Centari High School in La Jara for a workshop with high school students. This is a small farming community, and they were very pleased to have Singers there – almost as pleased as they were by the overnight snow, which was the first significant snowfall in a drought year. Many of the students had never sung before entering HS, so Dr. Staheli launched into the basics of body alignment (posture), breath, energy, and tone color. Singers demonstrated individually, in sections, and as a choir. Then the high school students mingled among the BYU students as their student teacher conducted them all in a piece they knew. It really was a delightful afternoon. As Dr. Staheli taught them, “If you play it safe and little, you won’t go far in auditions or in life!”

Music building at Centari HS, La Jara, CO


Altos showing alignment


Working the tenors and basses

Demonstrating the concepts discussed

Singing with the high school students

Singing with the student teacher conducting


All in all, a very successful workshop. Then came the now obligatory photos of serendipitous shirts. Unplanned? You be the judge.


Men in stripes

Men in green

We returned to Alamosa in the late afternoon, and dropped the choir at a chapel for dinner and a Young Single Adult activity. As none of the leaders really qualify for that, we left them to enjoy their evening. This will be reported in tomorrow’s blog if the choir members share.