We have had a good day, considering all. We woke to find the clouds completely cleared out, and a vivid blue sky in their place. A very fair trade, I think! We bid adieu to yet another wonderful set of sponsors and host families this morning after our (maybe) 9 hours with them. These one-night-stays are challenging for everyone.We celebrated our rare day of sunshine by driving on to our ultimate destination, and finding a park to eat lunch and just relax for an hour or so. It was on the Sound, and very pretty.


On the Sound.



A new friend.


The Sound.


Every 10 feet, more vibrant colors.

We then had a clinic with the Olympic College Music Department’s chamber choir, with Teresa Eliason, director. This is a junior college, and the choir was young and eager to learn. Singers and Dr. Staheli worked with them, and were happy to see how well these students responded to coaching.


Warming up.




More demonstration.

After a stop at a Target to replenish supplies, we drove to the Bremerton High School for the now routine rehearsal on stage, delicious dinner (Hawaiian haystacks today) and then the concert.


A very fine hall.


‘Walkin’ Down that Glory Road”


“Singing Hallelujah…”



A silent auditorium after all have left.

This really is quite a nice auditorium, and the choir quite enjoyed singing in it. We had a good audience tonight that included several of the students with whom we worked earlier in the afternoon. The downside to the evening was food poisoning that hit some of our choir just before the concert began. All three ate lunch at the same place yesterday, so we think any hosts are cleared of suspicion. We missed them singing, and hope all are feeling so much better tomorrow!