Sunday, March 29 BYU Singers had the opportunity to be part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s broadcast, Music and the Spoken Word. This is a welcome experience that the choir doesn’t have every year, so it is much anticipated.

All of the photos in this blog were very kindly shared with the choir from a photographer on site, and we appreciate having them.

From the back of the tabernacle

From the back of the tabernacle

The day begins very, very early; this always brings an appreciation for the schedule kept by the Tabernacle Choir on a regular basis!


At some point in the morning, someone asks to see a show of hands of those who sang in choirs at BYU. Usually at least half of the Tabernacle Choir wave their hands as choral alumni; many sang with  BYU Singers or Concert Choir; others were part of the now disbanded Oratorio Choir, Chamber Singers or A Cappella Choir. But all come from a wonderful choral tradition that BYU established years ago.




BYU Singers loved singing with the Tabernacle Choir in their joint numbers, and for them both during and after the broadcast. It was a wonderful morning for all involved.